IUI - What is it?

IUI is the process of placing washed and processed sperm (with heightened potency) in the woman's uterus at the time of ovulation, under the influence of fertility drugs(human chorionic gonadotropin) .

How is IUI different from IVF?

In IVF the ovum and the sperm are fertilised outside of the uterus in a lab and then placed in the uterus after fertilising. In IUI the fertilisation takes place in the womb itself.

Why would one need IUI?

What are the prerequisites for IUI?

The female partner must have at least one healthy, unscarred fallopian tube to make it possible for the egg to travel to the uterus.

How is IUI done?

IUI is carried out in the following steps :-


What are the success rates for IUI?

Fortis bloom Ivf centre is one of the best centers in India equipped with latest technology in the field of Infertility and ensuring the best possible treatment and success rates. However the average success rate varies with the age of the women, the highest being in the young age group ( Less than 35 years)

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